February 2015

Allie Moogan
Midway High School


Current Sport:


Favorite Coach and/or Teacher:
Mr. Moore and Mr. O’Neill


Area Where Your Mentor Can Help You?
She can help me with college applications and ways to get noticed by coaches.


Plan to Attend College / Favorite School?
Yes, I want to go to Syracuse


Favorite Movie:
Love and Basketball


Favorite Book:
Catcher in the Rye


Favorite Athlete:
Cappie Pondexter, Kevin Durant


WNBA Player




La’Shaina Dickerson
Brooklyn College


Director of Special Projects – LIU Brooklyn


Memorable Sports Moment:
Being ranked in the NCAA Division I All Time Steals Leader


Favorite Coach and Teacher:
All were instrumental, but Robert “Rebel” Boyd is one of many.


Why Do You Mentor/ Why Are You Involved with UWG?
I mentor to give back to the community.  To help build future leaders of tomorrow.  I enjoy volunteering with UWG because I have an opportunity to work with youth who have a passion for sports.


Are Mentors Valuable To You?
Absolutely, everyone should be a mentor and play an instrumental role in impacting someone’s life.


Favorite Movie:
Life… Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy
Harlem Nights…Eddie Murphy


Favorite Book: