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Alyssa Raas

Alyssa Raas
Boston College, Rugby

What school did you attend and what made you decide to go there?
Boston College – It had the perfect blend of academics and athletics, is in a great city, and has wonderful people.

Memorable Sports Moment: Any roadtrip with my team – Philadelphia 2007, torrential downpours, muddiest field ever, best memories.

Working out, going to sporting events, taking advantage of the warm weather whenever I get the chance.

Favorite Book:
Winning By Jack Welch.

Why you’re involved in UWG: To help student-athletes with the various challenges of everyday life and to serve as a positive role model

Who’s been the most influential person in your life? My parents. One word: Sacrifice.

What’s your favorite movie? Love & Basketball.

What’s the hardest life lesson you have had to learn? Sometimes “perfection” is unattainable, no matter how hard you try.

Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?
Still working in sports and loving life.

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