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Last month, HS student Kaberue Moore along with another classmate spent an afternoon at the Roc Nation office, gaining exclusive insights into the behind-the-scenes business operations of the agency/label, particularly its Philanthropy Department. Below he talks about the unique experience and the impact it had on them:


On Friday, May 13, I spent the day at Roc Nation. I was granted access through the UWANTGAME program that gives students the opportunity to shadow the jobs of employees while at work. It was an honor to be able to visit the building because Roc Nation is a major agency that represents top athletes and music artists. What makes the company even better is the man who it’s run by, Mr. Shawn Carter himself, aka Jay Z. An international rap star who started struggling in New York City,  just like me and the millions of other kids around the city.

I walked in the building with a huge smile on my face and left with an even greater one. I had the opportunity of shadowing Jose Mena. Jose works in the Philanthropy department and runs many non-for-profit organizations that help enrich and strengthen communities everywhere. That was a perfect department for me to be in because I participate in non-profit activities all the time.

I used to run “Back to School” drives to make sure kids in the community had backpacks and other supplies to get them through the school year. Working with Jose was a blast, as I learned some more skills that I can definitely use in my everyday life. Reaching out to others and taking the initiative is what makes others want to follow in our lead. The meeting was exciting and so was running into the many other employees who keep the place running and gave us advice on how to be great and to follow our dreams as we continue to study hard.

At the end of the day we were surprised with gifts from Roc Nation. I was quite thankful for this experience and would love to go back again. I will continue to keep in contact with those I met at Roc Nation in hopes of interning there in the summer or go in whenever they would like me to.

Last month, HS student Brian Padilla along with two other classmates spent an afternoon at the NFL headquarters, gaining exclusive insights into the behind-the-scenes business operations of the League. Below he talks about the unique experience and the impact it had on them:


My experience at the National Football League (NFL) office was unique and different from any other offices I’ve visited. I personally enjoyed my visit because I learned the different things they do there and what they plan to do in the upcoming years.

One thing I enjoyed from my experience at the office was that each floor had a different designated meaning and purpose. For example, the NFL occupied the 5th, 6th, 7th floors of the building; the 5th floor’s meaning was the game, 6th was the fans and the 7th was executive (I believe that’s the order).

We also met a former player, Roman Oben, that day. While talking to him, we learned of the duties of an NFL player and the process of getting drafted and traded throughout his 12-year career. We also got a chance to observe the 49 Super Bowl rings – all the way from the first one ever. Each ring was designed differently, even if the team won consecutively. There we learned that the team with the most Super Bowl rings is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We also got the opportunity to attend a photo shoot, where they were shooting teams’ accessories and meals to eat throughout a football game. We learned that there is a lot of different merchandise sold to fans that can be used throughout a football game. We were also shown how the League designs new logos and were given a look of the new designs for the next season.

During our visit we were also given gift bags with football gloves (of our favorite team), a notepad whose cover is made up of the same material as the football (which was my favorite gift!) and two hats (one of the NFL and one of our favorite team).

I was truly happy to visit such a successful business and hope to work in the same offices or somewhere close to that field one day.

The NFL’s Player Engagement Coordinator Carla Lide was among the guest speakers at UWANTGAME’s Women in Sports Panel Discussion on March 23, 2016 in New York City’s Business of Sports School. In the video above Lide speaks on some of the topics she went over with the students, including the significance of mentors, her academic preparation, and the importance of broadening one’s horizons and taking chances in order to build up a versatile resume and gain a fully well-rounded experience.

To watch the recap video of all the guest speakers from last month’s panel discussion, please click HERE .

On February 24, 2016, high school seniors at the Business of Sports School (B.O.S.S.) in New York City partook in the first UWANTGAME Sports Panel Discussion of the year. This first session focused on African Americans who work in the sports industry.

The panel was composed of Cherise George, Fan Development Associate at the New York Knicks and Social Media Correspondent at Hard 2 Guard TV, Austin Moss, Manager of Player Engagement at the NFL, and Ashley Blackwood, a branding & communications expert who has previously work for the New York Knicks and GMR Marketing.

All three guests spoke to the students about their respective roles in sports, how they got their foot in the door, advice they would offer to those looking to break in and afterward had time to even answer some questions from B.O.S.S. students.

Scroll through the photo gallery above for a visual recap of the panel discussion. Our second panel is slated for later this month at B.O.S.S. and will focus on the sports communication field and successful female executives in the industry.


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Event to take place on Friday, June 7, at Long Island University: Brooklyn



Contact: Joe Branch,

June 5, 2013:

Local high school and collegiate athletes, coaches, sports development experts, and NBA personnel will gather in Brooklyn for an event established to foster the personal and career success of minority student-athletes. GAMEBREAKERS, a summit organized by UWANTGAME and supported by the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center, will take place on Friday, June 7, at LIU Brooklynmore


With all the negative press about athletes who fail to prepare for life after sport, and experience financial, personal, physical difficulties, this article, about the sport career transition (SCT) published by Forbes speaks to what right looks like.  Three former NFL athletes share some best practices and lessons learned to ease the transition to life after sport.


Article Written By Gary Laney | GeauxTigerNation


The inaugural GameBreakers, like the 2012 Final Four, is officially in the record books. What better person to provide a recap of this groundbreaking event than UWANTGAME Executive Director & Co-Founder Joe Branch.


Our team worked really hard to provide a unique experience in New Orleans. We want to utilize this event-based strategy to motivate and educate community leaders, student-athletes, parents, sports professionals, and sports fans around the country on the work that needs to be done in the community. GameBreakers provided an intro to the importance of Building the Game Behind the Game ™. The work off the court is just as significant as the work on the court and we introduced this concept to the coaches and student-athletes in attendance. more

Camera Miley

For many hoopers, young and youngish, playing the game of basketball is synonymous with breathing. They just can’t or won’t live without it.  While it’s easy to assume why a person loves the game (the list can go on and on) or when/where that passion originated, first-person information is much doper than third-person gossip.  So let’s hear it straight from a bball lover’s mouth.

Camera Miley is a rising point guard at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, NY.   Like many young student-athletes she has aspirations of taking her talents to the pro level.  The WNBA is tops on her list.  And in the off chance that that doesn’t become a reality?  She’ll become an athletic trainer or physical therapist for a professional team, of course!  Yep, basketball is still her “fall back” plan.  That’s real love… more