Spring 2016 UWANTGAME Speakers Series


UWANTGAMEUWANTGAME has launched the 2016 Speaker Series in partnership with the Rose Classic Girls’ Basketball Tournament. This dynamic program features powerful professionals in the sports industry that share their personal and professional stories with the game changing athletes that participate in the month long Rose Classic girls’ basketball tournament.

Through two 45 minute sessions on Saturdays, the young super-stars of tomorrow hear about transitioning to collegiate athletics, personal branding, media preparation, nutrition, self-esteem and academic excellence.


Saturday, April 9: The Collegiate Player

Speaker – Ese Ighedosa: Works in  the legal department at the NFL. She was a collegiate student-athlete herself, having played Division I volleyball at Hampton University. Ighedosa was rewarded a scholarship and continued on to law school before working at the NFL.

Saturday, April 30: Career Development

Speaker – Josephine Martinez: Currently working at Hudson Bay Company in Human Resources, Martinez is no stranger to the sports industry having worked with the NFL, MLB, and New York Mets. Additionally, she has worked with College Board. As the young ladies partaking in the Rose Classic begin the process of recruiting and will be looking for internships once in college, learning how to take their athletic abilities and applying them to the next chapter of their respective careers is a crucial skill set that each must master.

Saturday, May 7: Creative Media Production

Speaker – Krystal Atwater: Using her eye for detail and creativity, Atwater shares her vision by taking photos for media outlets such as Complex Magazine and Men’s Fitness. When thinking of media, many only think of the story, but part of the narrative is also brought to life through a creative process in which imagery plays a major factor; a great example being Venus Williams’ recent Sport Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year cover. The seminar will also discuss the expansion of the creative process when it comes to female athletes, and as outlets work to ensure that not all female athletes are portrayed in the most common and traditional forms.

Saturday, May 14: Social Media Training

Speaker – Ashley Blackwood: A veteran in the sports industry working with the New York Knicks, the NBPA, and GMR Marketing, Blackwood will discuss how student-athletes should conduct themselves on social media in this digital age we live in. She will specifically touch on the importance of maintaining a positive image, the consequences of what you post, and learning not everything is meant to be online.

Saturday, May 21: Rape/Sexual Harassment Discussion 

Speaker – TBD: This topic is an ongoing issue and not only present on campuses around the world but also in the workforce. UWG looks to discuss preventative measures, the importance of identifying signs, and not being afraid to speak up.

UWANTGAME Speaker Series Background Information:

The UWANTGAME Speaker Series is a program initially created by educators at Alain LeRoy Locke Senior High School in Los Angeles, California. The program’s mission was to inspire and encourage high school student-athletes and develop them into thriving individuals and lifelong learners by establishing connections to a diverse group of successful former collegiate student-athletes.

The program moved to NYC in 2014 and through a series of lecture-workshops, collegiate student-athletes offer personal testimonies and insight on what it takes to transition from high school sports to the college level; and, they provide valuable tips on balancing sports, academics, and social activities.

Character Development
  • Punctuality & Accountability
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Community Service
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
Career Development
  • Dressing for Success
  • Networking 101
  • Image Building (Building a Brand Called U)
  • Media Training
  • Introduction to Résumé Writing
Athlete Development
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Keys to a Healthy Life